Each day the ice is melting
Hurricanes are on the rise#
The Amazon is going up in flames
Right before our eyes

And there are millions suffering each day
As their environment is wasted away
While those in the shadows continue to play

Grasping hands so greedy and evil
Destroying what stands in their way
In their quest for wealth and power#
They’ll usurp, subjugate and betray

And there are millions facing the pain
As missiles fall from the sky like rain
Victims of this chaos of profit and gain

Another year more famine/disease
Wars that bring humanity to its knees
A planet in the hands of cutthroats and thieves

Poor ones down on their luck
Living hand to mouth in the dust
How can they ever live a fulfilled life
When there’s nobody they can trust

And there are millions starving each day
While their riches are hidden away
So we need to stand up to this horror today