Who runs the world
Well the world is run by killers and maniacs
(Killers and maniacs running the world)
Arms manufacturers and oil rich oligarchs
(Oil and arms is what they do best)
Politicians doing what they are told
(Political puppets on your TV)

Don’t ever look to them for help
They only believe in power and wealth
And most of that they extract from you

Well it’s gold and fuel and land and water
(Resource wars are earning them more)
And what they ain’t got they’re soon coming after
(Stealing from the poor and the sick and the needy)
Belligerence and theft is how they survive
(Thieves and killers, Thieves and Killers)

Still they continue distorting the facts
Raping the planet with despicable acts
Crushing the lifeblood out of all they see
Another year on the empty road
Headfirst as humanity explodes
A blind incomprehensible prophesy
Greed is their god
Down on their knees
Praying to their god
Doing as they please
According to their God
Well who runs the world who runs who runs the world
Killers and maniacs running the world