One nation under God
Just another bullshit phrase
Easily tripped off the tongue
By oil guzzling, murderous moneymaking
War mongering scum
Simple words to deceive and contain 
And control any kind of defect
To keep the hopes and desires of the weak feeble minded
Population in check

Come on people don’t you weep 
For the future of the planet
Don’t you give it now mind
To keep your comfortable life of a lie
You just need to follow the signs
What you think is the future for your kids
Is gonna crumble right before your eyes
So all you have to do is reinvent the future
That you promised wrapped up in a compromise

Climate change is gonna happen
Doesn’t matter what you think or feel you can do
Cos everything is based on oil
And they won’t stop extraction for you
Land fill and pollution of the ocean
Will destroy generations to come
And you are so indebted to finance 
You’ll continue sucking on the smoking gun