Fortunes are made and fortunes are lost
And death tolls rise there's always a cost
But someone somewhere makes a mint on the deal
As your loved ones die they continue to steal

Doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor
We're all gonna die someday
But wealth lingers on to keep the state alive
And makes sure the powerful will survive

Only the poor die once and for all and forever
Only the poor die once and for all

Maybe Covid kills indiscriminately
Whether you are wealthy or not
But the wealthy don't suffer like the poor
Precisely because of all the wealth they've got

Some say money doesn't bring you joy
That it's a poison in your soul
This is a conspiracy of the rich
As wealth creation is their ultimate goal
Who are the ones who create all the wealth
With their blood and sweat and their pain
While in the end it's always the rich
They are the ones who always gain

Wealth health matters

Wealth Health Matters