Well everything is in the hands of the rich and powerful
I’s what they think the plant is for
Our taxes that we pay for social welfare and health#
Are increasingly spent on war

We need to look to these monsters who kill our kids
With pathological greed and hate
They are the ones who keep our countries poor
And protect out corporate financial state

They steal and lie to get what they want
Just to keep us under control
Destroying nations at the flick of a switch
That’s their ultimate goal

So every time they try to tell 
They are bombing for democracy
Question how the war is funded a
And how many dead and displaced there’s gonna be

What kind of resources each war zone holds
 And it’s strategic place on the globe
Because the dollar fuelled military corporate monster
Is only interested in how much wealth it holds

Imagine a planet free from hunger poverty war starvation disease
All nations living life in peace
Just believe how good it could be
That’s the ultimate goal