People are starving in Syria
Reduced to living on grass and leaves
Boiled water with a few spices
And this is down to Western Greed

We’re waging war in Syria
But this is part of a greater outrage
A western instigated tribal conflict
Designed to de-stabilise confuse and ravage

Under a smoke screen of Terrorism
Evil regimes are helped with Western aid
Arms and finance fuel the horror
Escalate the military rampage

There’s so much media poison about Syria
Western new reports
Are winning the war
There’s no reporting of starvation or death
Just how many bombs are gonna even the score

Parliaments vote to increase the bombing
While arms manufactures celebrate
With every Sortie their stock increases
Every bullet fire in anger and hate

A population barely alive
Insane leaders with insane drives
Syria is now hell on earth
A self- fulfilling Western biblical