Planet earth is straining underneath the weigh
Of those who hold humanity
In corrupt financial states
The ones who make the money
The one who wield the power
Those who devastate
Our precious eco- systems by the hour

They fool us in believing
That we are doing alright
And we don’t ask no questions
Disagree or out up a fight
We turn a blind eye 
To the slash and burn that’s yet to come
So we might be survivors 
Yea we might just be the ones

This is finite planet
With infinite designs
Mostly dreamed up 
By the criminal and savage minds
The only power that the know
Is control over you
Maintaining how you live your lives
What you think and what you do
It’s what you get for being 
A slave under the whip
It’s what your get
For letting evil hold you in its grip
But don’t be sure you’re so secure
The wolf is at your door
You can’t control your fate
If you are trapped in chains for ever more