What’s that you say?
You don’t know what’s going on
Everything is so confused
Don’t you think that’s the way they want you to feel

It keeps you down and demoralized 
Never know the truth
One day to the next
Can’t be sure what’s fake and what is real

They really got you
They really got you
Exactly where they want you

Mainstream media
Lining up the government agenda everyday
Making sure everything looks rosy
You need to realise 
The lengths they go to keep you under control
In your cotton wool nice and cosy

They don’t need to know about your opinions
They don’t care if you’re being left behind
 They couldn’t give a damn about your politics
About your culture or your kind
They only care to keep you where they want you
Under their thumb and out of their hands
And if you complain they’ll say you’re making
Impossible demands

So sit tight in your ignorance
As the chains draw tighter everyday
They really got you they really got you
Just where they want you to stay

Really got you