Are we at the point of no return
Planetary devastation everywhere
Our forests are still being slashed and burned 
Pollution kills our oceans and destroys our air
Politics and war are now consuming us all
As a species we are locked in a spiral of hate
This greed for oil is killing more and more
And turns democracies into fascist dictates

We’re all got the planet Earth blues
Out of control 
We need to think how we use it
We’ve all got the planet Earth blues
Take a look around and see how we abuse it

We still allow ourselves to be contained
By our government and media distortions and lies
Our debts are chains to blind us to the truth
As we ceased to complain or criticise

Our future is reliant on the way we live now
Our present is taking is out on a ledge
We have a choice do we leap into the fire
Or do we turn around and walk away from the edge

Planet Earth Blues