As millions face starvation
The Earth begins to fry
The leaders of the oil rich nations
Continue to deceive and lie

Forest burn all across the world
As the tundra starts to melt

And smoke circles all around the globe
The effects continue to be felt
In every hemisphere and zone

Nations survive on industries 
Which affect our ecology 
It’s a self -destructive way of life
Plain for all to see 
Killing everything we see
Plants and animals
That future generations will not see
As conflicts continue to destroy
The beauty of the Earth
The war mongers and greedy rich 
Still crave everything of worth

And one by one by one
By one by one by one
Populations increase 
And economies decline
Poverty and destitution
Increasing all the time
Peace and freedoms are eroded
When placed in evil hands
Slaves to the nightmare vision
Their insanity demands
Is the damage done