Evil always thrive and evil will win
As long as you sit and don’t do a thing
As long as you are silent to the things they do
The powerfully rich will have a hold on you
They are the ones who profit and thieve
Using hate and fear to get what they need
Forcing you to bend their political way
Just a puppet on a string pulled every day

Make way don’t be seen or heard
Just nod your head and believe every word
Hear and see no evil no evil do

You think you’re life’s good 
You think you’re OK
You think you’re doing what you want
You think you’ve got your own way
But your hands are tied and your mouth is gagged
You think you’re standing tall but you’re being dragged
You’re a dead one walking on their tight tight rope
And everything you live buy is just a joke
Cause you’re pointless little life comes with a cost
Environmental destruction and human loss

But you can’t see how it makes sense
And it’s all done at your expense
So ignorance is your defense
But like a bolt out of the sky so blue
All the things that you thought were true
Are wrapping their chains around you

No Evil Do