​A planet spinning out in space
With every creed and every race
And life abundant and benign
Controlled by powerful, hateful hands
Who kill and destroy on demand
And steal and use up all they find

Lies that are told to gain control
Turn countries into hellish holes
And cultures fight against each other
Humanity is cast aside
And deep state doctrines preside
And turn each one against the other

See the New Jerusalem
Burning in the fire
See the New Jerusalem
Stained with their desire

And so we watch as planet earth
Is stripped of everything of worth
Through all their wars, profits and greed
Capitalist media feeds the lies
To plant fear and to demonise
Any who fight their poisoned creed 
As forests crumble into dust
This devastating power lust
Pollutes and poisons all we see
Our children’s futures are betrayed
If we just look away today
Their tomorrow’s our responsibilty

New Jerusalem