This world is burdened every hour
By those who exploit and devour
Placing lives in poverty, war and despair
Poisoning their water polluting their air

We’re the ones who stand and watch this pain
But we don’t scream out and are afraid to complain
So our fears are used by despicable minds
Allowing them to commit more heinous crimes

Move on
We need to move on over to new way of living
A vision of better world a brand new beginning
Change the planet from the playground of the few
Build a future that our children can look forward to

Move on
We need to turn away from this capital killing spree
Plant the seeds of human positivity
Fight against the repressive, austerity lie
Keep this world a living thing don’t watch it die

Move on
We have the power to transform ourselves and our lands
Mould the world’s resources to our commands
Turn our minds away from profit put an end to greed
Build societies of plenty for everyone’s need