There is no decency there’s no fair play
The rich live off the sweat of the poor everyday
A wealth derived from war, death, starvation, disease
And we just sit and watch the rich do as they please
The ways of profit suck the life out of the earth
The rich steal anything that has potential worth
The one per cent own the same as the other ninety nine
Resources that belong to all this is a crime

We Pollute the water we pollute the air
Poison our children don’t seem to care
Mess with the food chain using chemicals and dope
Modern life is murder and there ain’t no hope

Bombed out nations rubble and dust
Humanity demoralised no one to trust
Children screaming out in their third world hell
An horrific nightmare carousel
Greed for profit and insane minds
Rule over the future of humankind
We keep reaching out for our worthless prize
Pointless empty promises wrapped up in lies

But still we cannot grasp how irresponsibly we live
Our comfort is our self-deluding sedative
We think we will reverse the planet’s growing demise
But still we drive our cars and poison the skies
We buy our cheap goods in mass plastic sheets
And bury what we don’t need make the land obsolete
We accept the destruction of forests for land
To overgraze cattle feed our carnivorous demands
We overfish the oceans destroy insects hives
Build on green belt land as our hedgerows die
If we don't realise the world is finite
We’ll ultimately wipe the planet clean out of site

Modern Life is Murder