How far do you go to get what you need? 
Do you live for profit or is it greed
Do you see the world as yours to devour
AS future wasteland dying by the hour

There are people who fit this role
The murder and mutilate to achieve their goal
They steal land and wealth and instigate wars
They rule over countries mine and yours

Watching as the World goes down
At the hands of a maniac clown
Don’t wanna be the one to say 
I told you so

Now we have a business man running the Earth
He’ll take it and rape it for all that it’s worth
He fired his own missiles into his own War
Surrounds himself with bankers and corporate whores
This is the climax of the Capital plan
100% wealth in 1% hands
Resources of the planet owned by the few
And sooner or later they’ll do it to you

You know it’s now or never
We’re gonna take it to the end

We can all go down together
Or we can choose to climb off from the ledge
Watching as the world goes down

Maniac Clown.