200 years of capitalist reign
Industrial subservience financial pain
Still we’re bound by these insane laws
The needs of the few control resources for all
More conflict, hatred and fear
New destructive leaders around this year
So bow your head and genuflect once more
To those who deal in poverty, famine and ward

Life in the gutter heading down the drain

We should be screaming out demanding fair play
But year after year we just throw it away
A beautiful planer abundant and blue#
Controlled by a poisonous destructive few
We feed on scraps at their table of greed
Let them cut our throats and just watch us bleed
The future balanced on a knife edge of waste
Endless pain and suffering in every race

We won’t be free till we get up and try
To end this life of tyranny and expose the lie
That we should be content with our vacuous dreams
While millions live their lives in a silent screen

Life in the Gutter