You sweat and labour day after day
To get your hands on the pittance they pay
To live a lifestyle designed to taste so sweet

You‘re trapped in debt in every way
To keep the fear of destitution at bay
Cos the hand that feeds you can also kick you out on the street

Take your Koolaid like a good little citizen

We are fooled by lies of comfort and security
Destroy our children’s future with impunity
And every day we waste the planet just a little bit more

We turn a blind eye to a world in jeopardy
To war and famine, climate change severity
Never learn when the same things happen that have happened before.

Take you Koolaid like a good little citizen
Like a good little child

Don’t you worry it’s under control 
They’ve get digging yourself into a hole
And every time you think you’re reaching the base
They throw another shovel into your face

This is the future of the world you leave 
With nothing left to hope for your children will grieve
And everything you told them will be such a lie
There is no bright future no glittering prize