​It’s not what you know it’s who you know
It’s how far you are willing to go
To maintain your privileged life
You got to know when to twist the knife
First you fool them to give you power
They you make them drink when the milk is sour
Then you smile as though you care
Follow that with a benevolent stare

You are the King of the Deceivers

How much you take well it’s up to you
While they are doing what you want them to
Accepting lies and forgiving you
Even though they suffer from the things you do
Their ignorance is your salvation
They’re so happy in their slave nation
Still believing the establishment
Is looking after their best interest

It’s so easy

They’ll never miss it they won’t know it’s gone
They will forget it before too long
They’ll never accept that they got it wrong
It’s so easy
You’ve got the media by your side
Hiding anything you wanna hide
Attacking all your enemies
Dividing nations Taking liberty

With great power comes greed and lust
No one to believe in no one to trust#

You are the king of the deceivers

King of the