Well there ain’t no bright new tomorrow
No matter what your government says
They’re only feeding you the lies you need
To do everything their way

They need your assistance to finish the work
Of killing everything on Earth
They need your permission to steal and usurp
Everything of profit everything of worth

Get ready get set for the killing spree
Get ready get set for the kill

Your children thought you would help them through
But you betrayed them at every turn
Decades of neglect has poisoned everything
An now your asking them to watch it burn

So hols out their hands while the chains are fixed
And their freedoms are taken at will
Take a deep breath get down on your knees
Get ready for the kill

It’s all over except the tears
Running down and innocents face
The pain and suffering yet to come
For every poor member of the human race

To think we’ve come to this
With intelligence reason and skill
Taking everything of beauty and truth
And setting it up for the kill