In it for the Money

I give you a vision of decay and pain
99% suffer 1% gain
Certified lunatics on the run
Hiding behind the flag and the gun
They know you can’t argue 
You’re up to your neck
You’re trapped in obedience
Deep in debt
They’ll watch you rot away with financial disease
Picking at the carcass whenever they please

Co they’re in it for the power and the money
Don’t you think it’s funny how you never benefit?
No matter what they tell you
Or how they smile at you
You always pay out in the end

So wars for religion, oil and gold
This is how they see the story unfold
Power to the hideous monstrous machine 
Controlling the planet picking it clean
Millions dead and more to come
Malevolent hatred till the war is won
A war befitting a diseased mind
Feeding off the weak leading the blind

Cos it’s always the same
The poor get poorer the rich remain
It’s not hard to see a pattern in this game

Cos they’re in it for the money
The power and the glory
Their holy trinity
Their own divinity

Every day in every way the outcome is always the same