Well we can’t have World War Three
So what do we do
How about a poisoned bug
To get some of you
It’s just a way of catching out
The weakening few

The sad and lonely
The sick and down on their luck
The old and the smelly
Who nobody gives a fuck about

It’s just a matter of time
Of how scared we can make you
Or how much hate
We can generate in you
Or how much obedience
We can instate in you

So much for financial misdeeds
You didn’t turn a hair
So much for lies to get elected
You couldn’t really care
Now you’re being slaughtered like sheep

There’re bodies everywhere
The weak and the feeble
Acceptable losses from your family
Your dear and loved ones 
Cannon fodder so we can achieve

A world of lemmings ate the edge of a cliff
The worst scenarios to scare you stiff
The most ridiculous stories beyond belief

And as the fear starts to grow
And as the pain starts to show
You’ll see your freedoms slowly disappear

Welcome to the world of Covid 19