There’s something wrong with the world today
Where millions go hungry everyday
Where all the riches of the world belong to the few
Where profit takes preference over freedom and health
And power and violence controls all the wealth
And we are meant to work ourselves to death to get through

Come on, Come On, Come on
Let’s get busy living
Come on Come on Come on

While everybody lives with impossible debt
Wars of infinity that’s what we get
Arms manufacturers/petroleum thieves
Where natural resources are stripped to the bone
And turn planet Earth in to a dead Zone
Syphon off the wealth and watch the world bleed

We can’t let this be our end of days
The future can be bright in so many ways
The power of change is ours to make

For all our children’s sake
We don’t need impossible dreams
Peace and security are simple means
Make a world fit for everyone

Come on Come on Come on
Get busy living