Greedy Western vultures
Scavenging the Earth
Stealing or destroying
Everything of worth
Wars to control areas
Rich in mineral wealth
Economic strangleholds
Devastating to our health
Centuries of lies turning
Resources to their needs
Using power to corrupt
And watch as nations bleed

You are the ones who suffer
You are the ones who feel the pain

This is our world it belongs to all
 We cannot let them steal it all away
The generations still to come 
Are going to need our help today

Millions dead in wars
That poison soil and see and air
Multinational Corporate monsters 

Breeding hatred and despair
Proud and prosperous nations 
Suffer like the ones before
Their fate is sealed by those 
Who control every conflict every war
But Empires can be overthrown 
Or crumble into ash
Megalomaniacs can be tamed
Dictators can be smashed
We can write our history
Instead of those who lie
And steal the world of riches
That belong to you and I

Will you be the ones who will prevail

The future is in our hands

Future in our Hands