The East is looking West the West looking East
And in the eyes each the other is the beast
A global battle to maintain life and limb
With all the riches of the world at stake
Cos we define prosperity by how much we can make

But these resources are dwindling fast
As paranoia takes control
A blinkered vision of right and wrong
Destroys Earth’s heart and soul
Lies are built on top of lies as desperation plants its seed
And fear and hate are the flowers that bloom on the wasted plains of greed

And everyday another child dies
So we can keep our eyes on the prize

There is no tomorrow for anyone if we don’t change our ways now
We need to move away from profit, war and selfishness somehow
Everything hangs by a thread and soon enough can break
It’s only a matter of how much this planet can take

You need to stop and question everything you’re told
You need to realise the lies you’re being sold
Don’t let your selfish ignorance keep you in the cold
Just to keep your eyes on the prize