It’s hard to see light 
At the end of the tunnel
When you’re spend your life
Living in constant struggle
Austerity bring you down
Without a sound

If you believe 
That your government really cares
You better stop your dreaming
Take a look around everywhere
Depression drops on your town
Gripping you in its vice

There’s nothing so corrupt
As hearts as cold as ice

It’s time to start thinking outside of the box
And realise this world is sinking into toxic shock
Humanity’s degradation
At an all-time high

They don’t have to be nice 
With hearts as cold as ice

Put aside your notions of truth and honesty
Your leaders don’t ever do things decently

So get out on the street 
And fight your way out of this
Before your planet
Tips forever into the abyss
It’s time to start to live on your feet
Or cower like mice

Take some good advice
Think once then think twice
Do you really wanna live
With a heart as cold as ice

As Cold as Ice