A loneliness that always fills the air
A silent night with no one to care
When you’re out on the streets 
And Christmas is here

An empty space where your life used to be
A frozen doorway where the world can see
That you’re out on the streets
And Christmas is here

And the bright smiles pass your by
And the pain of their happiness makes you cry

A fortune wasted on just one day
Could easily take your suffering away

But miracles don’t happen 
When Christmas is here

A World designed so that greed can survive
And fill up the streets with more dead than alive
And the spirit of Christmas 
Will never come near

All over the World there’s a dread and a fear
For those on the streets at this time of year
For them there is never a happy New Year

Just the cold and the desolation to come
So how can we wish Merry Christmas to everyone?
To everyone

Christmas on the Streets