Christmas is cancelled 
Haven’t you heard?
Covid has spread
All over the World
People are locked up 
Stores are all closed
The weakness of Capitalism exposed

Humanity brought 
To its knees by a bug
Don’t you dare kiss 
Now don’t you dare hug
Don’t see your family
That’s not allowed
Every household
Is now housebound

But you can still buy crap
And still waste food
Cause we’ll always destroy
Everything that’s good
The forests, the ocean
The water, the air
Our throw away culture
Thrown everywhere

If the virus don’t get you
The bitterness might
As you see the emptiness 
Of your Christmas night
A gratuitous, gluttonous
Destructive feed
A lonely pointless festival
Fed by greed

And into the New Year
There’ll be nothing left
No joyful triumphant
Just a nation bereft
Another year of struggle
More misery to come
With nothing to show
For Christmas just gone
Streets full of people
Living miserable lives
Doorways of homeless
No way to survive
Everything you wanted
Eaten up by a germ
Planet Earth fighting back
On its own terms