I’ve got a vision of Christmas this year
Third World starving or living in fear
Homelessness and food banks
In our own country
And millions of children’s 
Lives in poverty

Spending money
On the trash we buy
So desperate for a good time
We’ll try
To make a perfect Christmas 
For everyone
Bankrupting ourselves just to get it done

Christmas is a mugs game, mugs game
Designed to make us insane, insane
Grasping for a dream that will not come true
Every year this is what happens to you

For all the year
We struggle in our lives
But Christmas Time
We believe the lie?
That everything this year
Will work out fine
As long as we worship
At the Christmas Shrine

So we listen to the same
Old tired out songs
And stuff ourselves as we sing along
And suddenly it’s all come and gone
Just waste emptiness 
And where did we go wrong

So what’s it going to be?
Under your Christmas tree
The latest pointless gadget in town
Or a fire of rebellion
To burn it down

Christmas Mugs.