And so we celebrate Christmas time again
While the Third lives in misery and pain
But we don’t think about them
Wrapped in our own self interest
We feel no shame

Another year of resources plundered once more
With stupid gifts and worthless toys
Appalling self-indulgence
With food and drink in such abundance
While children starve

And there’s no peace and good will towards all
We just feed ourselves sick and have us a ball
Poisoning the planet for once and for all
With Christmas crimes

The stores put our gluttony on display?
While the Earth is slow wasting away
Our empty celebrations
Steal from future generations
Every time

And when it’s over 
We look down
And see the food waste lying around 
And we just shrug our shoulders
And say same time next year
Same time next year

A year has gone by nothing’s changed
We continue the fiasco just the same
Our self- indulgence prevails 
While the third world weeps and wails
And our debts increase and our climates fail 
And fail and fail and fail

Christmas Crimes