There’s a game going on in the East
And it’s not about freedom and it’s not about peace
It’s a game of chicken on a nightmare scale
Belligerent minds with a nuclear cocktail
Economics at the end of a gun
The last gasp of the West has just begun

It only takes a second, a moment in time
To commit the mother of all war crimes

Boom Boom
Why do we still allow this madness to keep us in fear?
War, repression and death happen year after year
Global leaders with their ever insatiable need
Risking fire and fury for their profit and greed
Collapsing world powers fighting for all they are worth
Preparing for the death of planet Earth

And so we sit and watch the missiles go
And warm our hands in the hydrogen glow
And as we watch the world explode
All at once we will know
It’s over
And as the children burn in the fires of hell we sing

Boom Boom