There’s a black hole sucking the life out of you
Radiating from a powerful privileged few
They stand hidden from the world just out of view
Their puppets smile as they always do 
As they take everything from you
This is a War of minds and they want you to lose
One and one don’t add to two in this despicable game
 Their greed is cancerous their means are completely insane
 Yet year after year they seem to fool you again  
Another generation on the slide
Going nowhere on an empty ride 
Round and round as the end comes inevitably near
The future pain of the children to come
Empty and desolate on the run 
Casualties of are present acquiescence and fear.  
We need to stand and face up to this monstrous creed 
To save the planet from its slow suffocation and bleed
A human race that can restore a world of riches for all
An end to poverty pain and hunger 
A future full of joy and wonder
Full bellies and contented faces 
For all peoples and all races 
An end to wars and those who wage them 
No need for criminals and those who cage them  
You may call me a dreamer I hope I’m not the only one