How do you explain to your kids today?
How their country is wasting away
Pain and suffering on the rise
More austerity and political lies
There’s social mismanagement 
And financial misdeeds
Blanket self- interest and blatant greed
Homelessness and food banks all over the place

This is your bedtime story
This is your fairy tale
There is their nightmare on the way

Violence in the towns and city estates
No go areas that we create 
And we’re so wrapped up in our empty lives
Our safety and freedoms continue to die

Infrastructure decay everywhere
Governments in power that really don’t care
As long as the rich and the powerful are paid

This is no bedtime story
This is no fairy tale
There is nightmare on the way

Wars will go on for ever
Starvation and death will grow
Pollution is relentless
These are the things your kids will know
And that you failed to stop this
You hid yourselves away
Inside your own self interest
What can you tell your kids today