The world’s going to hell in a hand cart
And nothing can be done in the end
The Earth is trapped in a decaying cycle
No matter the messages it tries to send
Every year the climate gets more erratic
With fires and floods ion the rise

And it’s all in vain
Life on Earth heading down the drain
It’s all in vain

We think we help by trying to stop
Plastic entering the oceans and into the soil
But the greedy financial oil manufacturers
Will never stop when profits are built on oil
We succour on the lies they feed us
Their poisonous words and deeds

So it’s all in vain
As wars dictate what the rich can gain
It’s all in vain
They’re living life riding the gravy train

Take a look at the distribution of wealth
On a world that has plenty for all
Understand the tricks the rich will use
To maintain the power that they abuse
How your politicians protect this scum
Regardless of the affects on you
Anything protecting their privileged lives
That’s what they do

And it’s all in vain
Life’s a fairy story your kids will learn
And it’s all in vain
And they will pass the lie on to their kids in turn
It’s all in vain
No bright tomorrow no glittering life

It’s all in vain
Paradise destroyed by the insane 
It’s all in vain
Life on Earth heading down the drain